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Your Passport to a Culinary or Hospitality Career

Like the cities in which our campuses are located, ICE is a hub of multiculturalism. Our students have come from more than 44 countries, giving our classrooms a true international character.

ICE’s New York and Los Angeles campuses are located in two of America’s most exciting food cities. Both campuses provide international students with opportunities for vibrant cultural experiences that include access to a vast array of restaurants, health-focused eateries, food trucks, gourmet markets, farmers’ markets and many other culinary resources.

Many international students have chosen ICE as their “passport” to a rewarding and successful culinary career.

Diploma Programs: International students interested in earning a diploma may enroll in the career Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking Arts, Plant-Based Culinary Arts or Restaurant & Culinary Management at either our New York or Los Angeles campuses. To earn a diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Management, students are invited to enroll at ICE’s New York campus (Hospitality & Hotel Management is not currently available through ICE’s Los Angeles campus) 

Associate Degree Programs: International students interested in earning an associate degree in Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking Arts, Plant-Based Culinary Arts – all of which qualify for F-1 Visa applications – are invited to enroll at our Los Angeles campus (associate degrees are not currently offered through ICE’s New York campus).

We're proud to welcome students from around the globe. While some of them continue onto successful careers in the U.S., others return to their countries of origin equipped with a vast array of professional skills to launch or advance their careers back home. Meet a few of the many international students who have enrolled at ICE:

Wasmah BakrWasmah Bakr
Country: England and Saudi Arabia
Visa type: H-4
Program at ICE: Restaurant & Culinary Management
Educational background: B.A., King Abdulaziz Univ, Culinary associate’s degree from Le Cordon Bleu
Career background: John Catering, Meedan, Le Cordon Bleu San Francisco
Career goals: To manage and expand much of the family catering business

Yiting CaiYiting Cai
Country: China
Visa type: F-2
Program at ICE: Pastry & Baking Arts
Educational background: B.A., University of Wisconsin
Career background: Logistic Specialist at Shanghai International Port Group and Linklaters
Career goals: To work in food media or blogging and eventually open a bakery or pastry shop

Rafail GeorgiouRafail Georgiou
Country: Cyprus
Visa type: M-1
Program at ICE: Pastry & Baking Arts
Educational background: B.A., Solent University
Career background: Business
Career goals: To open a patisserie combining modern and traditional pastry techniques

Mehak MittalMehak Mittal
Country: India
Visa type: M-1
Program at ICE: Pastry & Baking Arts
Educational background: B.A. in Textile Design, National Institute of Fashion Technology
Career goal: To combine design and food to make art out of food

Aida Ramos is studying Health-Supportive Culinary Arts at ICE.Aida Ramos
Country: Finland
Program at ICE: Health-Supportive Culinary Arts
Educational background: High school
Career background: Restaurants in Finland and Austria
Career goals: To learn to make health-supportive and nutritional cuisine and open a restaurant in the future

Simone Valladares is studying Health-Supportive Culinary Arts at ICE.Simone Valladares
Country: Brazil
Program at ICE: Health-Supportive Culinary Arts
Educational background: College
Career background: Restaurants and health coaching
Career goals: To teach cooking and open a cafe

Niharika Srinivas Kumar smiles while holding a cake"My experience at ICE was extraordinary; I learned valuable lessons that will last for a lifetime. I'm really glad I studied at ICE, as it opened my eyes to a new perspective about the culinary world. NYC is also so diverse in its food culture and that was a great advantage."
— Niharika Srinivas Kumar (Management Graduate), Bangalore, India

Oyindamola Akinpelu studied Pastry & Baking Arts at ICE."My experience at ICE was revolutionary to my culinary mind. I now understand the fundamental science and art of pastry and baking. With that knowledge, I feel no limit to what I can do with my skill. Living and schooling in the culinary capital of the United States made learning easier. The city itself is like a big kitchen!"
— Oyindamola Akinpelu (Pastry Graduate), Nigeria

Daniela Vitar smiles"I chose ICE as it is the best culinary school in the U.S. I really loved and enjoyed the whole experience at the school: going to classes every morning, volunteering for different events and trailing in some of the best restaurants in NYC. ICE alumni have plenty of connections with the best culinary places that you can take advantage of. I did my externship in the test kitchen of Martha & Marley Spoon, and I trailed in top-notch restaurants such as Boulud Sud, Blue Hill and Nomad."
— Daniela Vitar (Culinary Graduate), Chile

Cavin Luk studied Pastry & Baking Arts at ICE.“The chefs and students at ICE come from a diverse background, and you are learning in a dynamic environment where chefs are supportive and eager to help you grow. ICE also proactively offers extracurricular classes, workshops and events to enhance skills and connections even further.”
— Calvin Luk (Pastry Graduate). Hong Kong

Marie Hale Masek"The best teachers, chefs and restaurants in the world are in New York City. This permits students to get a top-grade education in class and to visit restaurants and get one-on-one interaction with entrepreneurs and chefs. Being in the city also allows you to go to all kinds of events every day, from workshops to an awesome launch party of a product you like. This opportunity opens the door for networking and career advancement."
— Marie Hale Masek (Management Graduate), Guatemala

While all ICE students may select from a range of housing options at ICE — from dorms to luxury apartments — many of our international students choose the comfort of a homestay. While enrolled, you have the option of living with a sponsoring host family, sometimes from your native country, so you can enjoy the comfort of your culture while you study abroad. We also have access to dorms and apartments available in a variety of prices and locations throughout the region. What’s important is that you find a place that is comfortable, affordable and that fits your lifestyle. 

Learn more about ICE international student housing options.

All international students must apply for admission and be accepted before any student visa applications can be released. Our admissions team is here to help walk you through the process and ensure the success of your application. Download and read our Reference Guide for International Students, which will help you understand the requirements for the visa process.

What International Alumni Say 51 ICE

Kitty Travers is an international graduate of the 51

Kitty Travers, United Kingdom

  • Founder, La Grotta Ices in London
  • Culinary, Diploma

"Excellent. The best career move I ever made."

Fadi Jaber is an international graduate of the 51

Fadi Jaber, Saudi Arabia

  • Owner, Sugar Daddy's Bakeries
  • Management, Diploma

"I loved every second of it! New York's the culinary capital of the world, so being here was such an inspiration for my business."

Frederico Guerreiro is an international graduate of the 51

Frederico Guerreiro, Portugal

  • Chef de Partie, Tivoli Victoria in Vilamoura
  • Culinary, Diploma

"The versatile and eclectic programs, variety and quality of products and fully equipped and functional facilities helped broaden my culinary horizons."

International ICE student Francesca Kolowrat explains why she decided to enroll overseas at ICE

"I’ve always loved New York, but I wanted to expand my experience beyond traveling here on holidays, and really get a feel for what it’s like to live in America. When I Googled 'best culinary schools,' ICE was the first one to pop up and I said: This is it."

Francesca Kolowrat, Czech Republic
Culinary/Management Graduate