Chef Dan Kluger speaks during his demonstration at the 51's Zero Waste Food Conference with The New School

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new%20school%20logo_375x375.jpgZero Waste Food: A Conference Dedicated to Eliminating Food Waste

In April 2017, ICE and The New School partnered to launch the Zero Waste Food conference to focus on how we can discover better methods for the way we produce, distribute, consume and dispose of food in the environments where we cook and where we eat.

The  conference bridged the gap between research and practice, and drew upon the perspectives of academia, activism, food business, chefs and food producers. The keynote address, delivered by Massimo Bottura, chef-owner of the award-winning Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy, set an inspirational tone for the conference and drove home the idea that chefs can be the voice of change. Throughout the two-day conference, food industry luminaries shared their ideas for change through panel discussions exploring topics such as sustainable kitchen design and repurposing food items, and demonstrated innovative culinary techniques for eliminating food waste. Attendees also had the chance to roll up their sleeves to learn waste-minimizing culinary practices like fermentation and cooking whole fish – from fins to tails to claws.

In an ever-evolving industry, the Zero Waste Food conference presented a fresh perspective on food waste and sustainability and created a community of like-minded scholars, culinary professionals and food lovers alike.