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ICE + American Express

Boost Your Business Potential

Logo for American ExpressWhen it comes to building a successful restaurant or food business, who better to turn to than the expert consultants and Restaurant & Culinary Management instructors at ICE? In this three-part video series, created in collaboration with American Express, we invite aspiring and current restaurant owners to explore the world of restaurant management with tips, advice and insider information that can help ensure your success. From breaking down menu costs and profits to learning the secrets of preventing bar or retail theft, get a leg up in this highly competitive industry. Offering their expertise are instructors from ICE’s School of Restaurant & Culinary Management: Dean of Restaurant & Culinary Management Steve Zagor; instructors Vin McCann and Brian Buckley; and Director of Beverage Studies Anthony Caporale.

Three-Part Video Series with Advice from Industry Insiders

Recipe for Restaurant Profits

Cutting corners may seem easy and fast, but could you end up losing money in the long term? Discover the number one thing you need to know to make money in the restaurant business and learn how details including the attire of your staff or the design of your flatware affect sales.

Restaurant Success: How to Sizzle and Not Fizzle

Does your restaurant have what it takes to thrive, or will it be just a flash in the pan? With expert advice from ICE’s gurus, discover how employee training and correctly interpreting customer feedback helps build a stable, profitable business. Plus, learn to create a cost-effective menu that sells and why getting your manager out of the office and onto the sales floor will give you a leg up in this competitive industry.

Preventing Bar and Retail Theft

Do you trust your staff? Do they trust you? Could security cameras do more harm than good? Master the secrets for preventing beverage, food and retail theft in your restaurant. From the cash drawer “no-sale” to the little-known “straw-trick” and other clever theft secrets, ICE reveals the ins and outs of what might really be happening behind your counter.