Butternut squash soup pureed with a Vitamix blender at the 51

ICE + Vitamix

Inspiring Creativity in Culinary Education

Vitamix_375x375.jpgAt ICE, we’re blending culinary education with the highest quality kitchen equipment.

That’s why our kitchen classrooms are equipped with blenders — the “gold standard in the industry,” according to Chef-Instructor Robert Ramsey. Whether they’re teaching culinary students to make a rustic sauce or a velvety velouté, ICE chef-instructors consider Vitamix blenders an invaluable tool. Says Chef Robert, “The results are unmatched in terms of quality and consistency. From emulsified hollandaise to perfectly smooth soups, Vitamix helps students achieve consistent results every time.”

The power and versatilty of Vitamix blenders make them a necessary tool in any pro chef’s arsenal. “While I find the sheer power to be one of the greatest assets of Vitamix, it’s nice to be able to control the speed precisely using the various settings,” says Chef Robert. Once they graduate, ICE students have the skills and experience to walk confidently into any kitchen. “When my students leave the theoretical world of the classroom for the professional kitchen, they will undoubtedly work with Vitamix blenders.” 

Together, ICE and Vitamix are helping tomorrow’s chefs to stir up their culinary creativity.


Looking for delicious recipes to make with your Vitamix? Try a silky Spanish soup or a creamy sweet potato soup.

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