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Mexican Cooking with Chef Sue Torres

She explained the techniques and recipes that helped Sueños win accolades such as Bon Appétit’s Best Cocktail List and Time Out New York’s Best Culinary Ambassador. The hungry audience ate up her

Savor the Salt

We learned salt is not all bad. In fact, salt is vital to our existence! So don’t cut it all out just yet. After an extensive taste-test of a wide variety of salts from various regions, each team got

ProStart Conference

ProStart is a national program that prepares high school students for careers in the culinary world. The educators got a full taste of all the sights, sounds, and of course, the flavors that New York

Four-Star Farmer

At yesterday’s demo, Four-Star Farmer: A Conversation with Chef Eberhard Müller and Alexandra Leaf , ICE students caught a glimpse of yet another seemingly broad transformation within a chef’s career

Lessons 4-7: The Core Of It

Over the past few classes, we have discussed, smelled, tasted and worked with fruit, herbs, spices, extracts, jellies, jams and eaux de vie (colorless fruit brandy). As we learned about these

Upcoming Classes: June 2010

Savory Macarons — June 12 Savory versions of the smooth Parisian macaron are appearing in fine dining restaurants in both France and the US. Pastry Chef Instructor Kathryn Gordon will teach you to

ICE Entertaining: Brunch

For some, it is the perfect meal for when you roll of bed at noon after a night out. For others, it is a meal that is late enough in the day for friends from across the boroughs to commute to their

Tourné Workshop

A tournéd vegetable is an assured signifier of a chef’s skill, and in Chef Instructor Ted Siegel’s Tourné Workshop five lucky Culinary Arts students took our first step, or first carefully carved

Tex-Mex Fiesta

A history of Tex-Mex food, a lesson in the art of wrapping tamales and an appreciation for how different fruits can give signature flair to your margaritas. While some of the lessons learned in class

Carême and the Grand Art of French Cooking in the 19th Century

Chef Cathy Kaufman, ICE’s resident food historian, didn’t miss a beat introducing us to life in 1800s France. Ushered in with background music appropriate to the era, Chef Cathy launched the evening

Chefs of Grey Poupon Competition Winner Sonali Ruder

We are so proud of Sonali that we wanted to give her a chance to tell us some more about the competition in her own words. What was the day of the competition like? We had a lot of time in the morning

Upcoming Classes: May 2010

May 14–15 Impressive Historic Desserts In this historically inspired class, Kathryn Gordon will help you create a completely edible sugar and chocolate display tower decorated with marzipan. On Day 1

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