A stone fruit summer salad with peaches, greens and jicama sits on a white plate

Chef Shawn's Sizzling Summer Salad

Salads aren't frequently on the menu for Shawn Matijevich, the Lead Chef of the Culinary Arts & Food Operations online program at the 51, but when they are, he makes sure

Ten Fermented Seven Spice Mango Onigiri rice balls sit on a blue plate

Fermented Seven Spice Mango Onigiri Recipe

Japanese seven spice, also referred to as shichimi togarashi, most commonly contains a blend of red pepper, Sichuan pepper, ginger, white and black sesame seeds, orange peel and nori flakes. It

A slice of cake with red, white and blue layers sits on a white plate

Celebrate Independence Day with July Fourth-fetti Cake

As the Fourth of July approaches and we eagerly anticipate colorful firework displays and backyard barbecues, why not celebrate with a red, white and blue sprinkle-covered confetti cake? This

Fermented Red Pepper Relish Hummus

Fermented Red Pepper Relish Hummus Recipe

Fermented red pepper relish is a topping that will be sure to be on repeat all through the warm summer months. Consider adding it to anything, from seaside dining to ballpark cuisine. Fermenting bell

A rainbow crêpe cake.

Celebrate Pride Month with Chef Trung Vu’s Show-Stopping Rainbow Crêpe Cake

June is Pride Month and if you look around — at least here in New York City — there are pride flags flying high this month. According to the National Museum of American History, this pride symbol was

A bowl of fermented green papaya rice noodle salad on a wooden table

Fermented Green Papaya Salad with Crispy Papaya & Savory Dressing

Green papaya carries a mild, cucumber-like texture and is typically shredded and mixed with a savory, tangy, sweet dressing made of fish sauce, chile and tamarind. It is then tossed with snake beans

ICE Chef Ann Ziata holds a rhubarb at the Union Square Greenmarket

Savory Rhubarb Recipe: Celebrate Spring with NYC's Greenmarket

ICE Chef Ann Ziata took this month’s collaboration with New York City’s Union Square greenmarket seriously and crafted a rhubarb crostini using only ingredients found at the market (in addition to

Three fermented Sweet rhubarb, raspberry Jam & ricotta pastries sit on a white plate

How to Make Fermented Sweet Rhubarb, Raspberry Jam & Ricotta Pastries

Fermenting rhubarb has many advantages. The process amplifies the tangy robust notes of the beloved stalk while retaining its natural texture and pink hue. Try muddling fermented rhubarb into

Fermented Bloody Mary Oyster Shooters

Fermented Bloody Mary Oyster Shooters Recipe

This fermented Bloody Mary mix is both effervescent and light while simultaneously contributing a full-bodied tomato flavor. Try incorporating this probiotic-rich tomato mixture into cocktails

A plate of radishes and chèvre.

Delightful Spring Mezze: Fermented Honey Thyme Radish Recipe By Chef Olivia Roszkowski

This radish, pea shoot, lemon oil and chèvre mezze creation is a quick dish to impress your guests or to make a speedy side for a leisurely lunch or conversation-filled supper. It is quintessential

Scallop crudo with fermented jalapeños.

Fermented Blueberry Jalapeño Scallop Crudo Recipe

Not only do these fermented blueberry jalapeño slices add a deep purple pop of color to both sweet and savory dishes, but they also contribute a tangy and sweet lingering heat. The ferment starts by

Fermented Nduja subs on a plate.

Recipe: Tomato 'Ndjua, Avocado & Fermented Jalapeño Kraut Subs

The featured fermented jalapeño kraut can be enjoyed on its own but is specifically designed to be used as a go-to sandwich topping. It contributes crunch, tang and a hint of spice, and its lengthy

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