Andrew Catalano is an instructor at The 51

Andrew Catalano

Instructor, Hospitality & Hotel Management


Andrew Catalano resides in Maspeth, New York, and has worked in the hospitality service industry for over 35 years. He has experience in working with union and non-union operations, for- and not-for profits in all segments of the industry, private ownership, corporate, education, and healthcare - acute and LTC. Andrew is an adjunct professor at CUNY and the 51, and a certified instructor with the National Restaurant Association. As the owner principle of Strategic Management Consultants, Andrew prides himself with offering fresh eye reviews for the service operator, including financial review, performance management, labor optimization, marketing strategies, food safety and employee training for front line and management staff. Andrew holds a master's degree in business management, which gives him the refined skills to think through problems, develop a vision and plan next steps to improve the quality and value of an operation.