Matthew Weingarten is an ICE alumni.

Matthew Weingarten

Culinary Director, Dig Inn Seasonal Market

Make sure you are always cooking the food you love to eat. Keep a notebook! And go to work for a chef you would someday like to be.


Matthew Weingarten’s infatuation with food began in college, where he started crafting bread with wild starters and became engrossed in old world botanicals. After graduating from ICE, his first job was at An American Place, under Larry Forgione, an early champion of local eating and small family farms. Weingarten went on to work as chef de cuisine under Katy Sparks at Quilty’s and under Peter Hoffman at Savoy. At Inside Park at St. Bart's, Weingarten was Executive Chef. Time Out New York praised his work as “some of the city’s finest Greenmarket cooking.” Later, he brought his passion for local and sustainable food sourcing to Sodexo, where he sought to realize his vision of making large-scale industry change. Now, Weingarten works for healthy fast-casual chain Dig Inn as their Culinary Director.


  • 51, Culinary Arts, 1996