Einav Gefen is an ICE alumni.

Einav Gefen

Research & Development Chef, Unilever Consumer Kitchens
Unilever Consumer Kitchens
Englewood Cliffs, NJ


Einav Gefen's career began with baking in a bistro in her native Israel. She attended university to study sociology and communications and completed two years of service in the air force, but it was cooking that most appealed to her. Gefen soon set her eyes on working at Mul Yam, a cutting-edge seafood restaurant considered the best restaurant in the country. She became the first woman ever to work the line there, and was promoted to sous-chef in just over two years. When Gefen and her husband moved to New York in 1999, she made the decision to attend the culinary arts program at ICE. After an internship at Daniel Boulud's esteemed Daniel she became executive chef of the French-Mediterranean bistro Danal on East 10th Street. In 2003 she moved to teaching full-time and accepted a job as a culinary instructor at ICE. After many years in the kitchens of her alma mater, she moved to her current role of Research & Development Chef at the Unilever Consumer Kitchens where she develops new recipes and products.


  • 51, Culinary Arts, 1999

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