Chef Kelly Newsome at 51

Four Tips for Finding Your Career Direction

As tantalizing as these possibilities seem, the reality is equally foreboding — I need to choose one thing, right now, and this decision could determine the direction of my culinary career, forever

cobb salad

Rediscovering an American Classic — Cobb Salad

My assignment that Tuesday night was Cobb salad — a classic American recipe that gave me a newfound respect for the humble art of salad creation. I always thought that Cobb salad was named after the

different types of salts to use in different recipes

The Not-So-Secret Ingredient that Makes All Foods Better

To say that I come by my appreciation of salt honestly would be an understatement. We are and will always be a salt-loving family. As a culinary student, I was surprised to hear my instructor tell me

Kelly Newsome in the kitchen at 51

Getting the Timing Right

After being in the Culinary Arts program at ICE for just over a month, one thing I’ve learned is that timing is everything. It took me 15 years to get to culinary school. It’s something I wanted to do

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