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If you can’t visit us and see for yourself, you can experience ICE through our video library. From tours of our campuses to in-depth looks into each of our career programs, there’s something for everyone at ICE. Enjoy pro perspectives from top chefs and restaurateurs as well as cooking and recipe videos with your favorite brands and celebrities — this page is your insider access to the school. 


Our Career Training Programs

School of Culinary Arts

Welcome to the foundation of your career: award-winning, hands-on culinary training. From knife skills and butchery to global cuisines, gain the skills you need to thrive in the industry's top kitchens and culinary organizations. Program alumni include Gail Simmons, Marc Murphy, Vivian Howard, Maxime Bilet and more.

School of Pastry & Baking Arts

Nowhere do technique and art come together as in the field of pastry and baking. Imagine a baking school curriculum that sets you on the path to becoming an accomplished professional, covering a wide range of pastries that include flaky croissants, silky gelato and crusty breads. With a strong emphasis on theory, our pastry school curriculum will also teach you the essential techniques of cakes and chocolate, highlighting the key ratios and methods that allow you to go beyond recipes to create your own formulas.

School of Restaurant & Culinary Management

When you close your eyes, do you see yourself managing or building a culinary business – maybe even your own? ICE’s Restaurant & Culinary Management diploma program — the oldest and leading food business program in NYC — offers a in-depth, pragmatic curriculum to help you establish sustainable success on the business side of food and hospitality. From writing a business plan to public relations and the latest legal developments in human resources law, an ICE diploma in Restaurant & Culinary Management equips you with all the tools you need to succeed.

School of Hospitality & Hotel Management

Launch a new career in the ever-evolving field of travel, hospitality and tourism. Management jobs can be found in hotels, resorts, spas, cruise ships, conference and event centers, tourist attractions and country clubs. And jobs are not just in the U.S. — if you want to see the world or like to travel, an international training in tourism management or hotel management may be the perfect opportunity for you.

Our Partners


Over the past three years, ICE has been collaborating with IBM researchers, testing the limits of ingredient pairings and developing strategies to implement cognitive cooking in the culinary arts.

ICE + Amex

When it comes to building a successful restaurant or food business, who better to turn to than the expert consultants and Restaurant & Culinary Management instructors at ICE? In this four-part video series, created in collaboration with American Express, we invite aspiring and current restaurant owners to explore the world of restaurant management with tips, advice and insider information that can help ensure your success.

ICE + Front of the House

As ICE students progress through their learning of culinary techniques and global flavors, they realize that taste is only one of the key elements in their skill set. Expert chefs know that visual presentation is crucial to the enjoyment of any dish, making access to professional plating materials an essential part of the educational experience. 

ICE + Wüsthof

Because quality knives and knife skills go hand-in-hand, ICE and Wüsthof — a premier culinary school and a maker of expertly crafted knives — have been partners for more than 30 years. 

ICE + The New School

In April 2017, ICE and The New School partnered to roll out the Zero Waste Food conference to focus on how we can discover better methods for the way we produce, distribute, consume and dispose of food in the environments where we cook and where we eat. The conference featured perspectives from academia, activism, food business, chefs and food producers, with a keynote address delivered by chef Massimo Bottura.

ICE + The New York Jets

Join the New York Jets and the 51 for a series of classes that will take your game day dishes to the next level, whether you’re tailgating or home-gating! Cook alongside Jets legends and players, and learn from ICE’s all-pro chefs.

ICE + People Magazine

We've partnered with People magazine to bring great ideas into your kitchen. Whether it's crafting no-machine ice cream, sharpening your knife skills or introducing you to the best fried chicken sandwich you've ever tasted, our goal is to share our favorite easy, delicious recipes and cooking techniques—with a pro twist. Check out what we've cooked up so far.