ICE Hospitality Students Learn Leading Industry Software

’s first-ever class is progressing through the program, learning all the ins and outs of the travel and tourism industry.

They’re working towards starting new, exciting careers in hotels and hospitality businesses and part of that is learning to use the technology used to help manage and operate hotels. One of the key pieces of technology used by hotels is , a software program used to track guests from reservation all the way through to checkout. Teaching this software as part of the curriculum makes the ICE program unique.

Last Friday, the class started extensive training on OPERA, the same technology that is used in some of the world’s top hotels. Each student was given his or her own laptop with the software loaded and ready to practice on. The students walked through making a reservation at “The ICE Inn” using the industry-leading software. Over the coming days, they’ll keep practicing on their laptops and learning about the advantages of using the software — an invaluable tool when they start their new careers in hotels using this very same software and technology.

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