Khai Fah Chong in class

Health-Supportive Culinary Arts for Chefs Abroad

Management Training for Modern Barcelona Restaurants When the pandemic gripped Spain, Jose Fontana Bassols was forced to close the doors of the Flamenco restaurant where he was a food and beverage

adaptogenic chaga and maca powders

All 51 Adaptogens

What Are Adaptogens? Doctor Nikolai Lazarev first identified adaptogens as substances that increase non-specific resistance against multiple stressors. They help assist the body to adapt to stress


All 51 Mushrooms

I recently spent time with Eric Wallace, owner of Vital Fungi, an urban mushroom farm in Columbia, South Carolina. There he cultivates exotic varieties of mushrooms like Pink Oyster, Black Pearl King

roasted chickpeas

All 51 Chickpeas

Are Chickpeas and Garbanzo Beans the Same? Yes, the seeds are often seen in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, such as curry, hummus and falafel. Though most are accustomed to seeing chickpeas in a

fruits and vegetables

The Case for Culinary Medicine

As two practicing medical doctors involved in medical education, we recognize the limitations of conventional teaching methods when it comes to nutrition. Lecturing medical students about nutrition in

Coconut oil, a butter alternative, melts in a stainless steel pot

Butter Alternatives

In the Plant-Based Culinary Arts curriculum, we explore the science of butter by looking at the types we use in cooking and baking, and testing a variety of ways to emulate the emulsion with whole

cashew cheese

How to Make Cashew Cheese

Cheese Caves at Home I have been teaching culinary classes how to make nut cheese since 2014. With a degree in neuroscience, I have always been fascinated with how to transform and mimic flavor

Mac McCloskey kisses a fish as a student at ICE

Life as a Farm and CSA Chef

While a student at ICE’s LA campus, Mac drove a Cousins Maine Lobster truck (of “Shark Tank” fame) on his days off from honing his kitchen skills at school on weeknights. He externed at Tallula’s, an

Nyesha Arrington before and after her wellness journey

Nyesha Arrington's Approach to Wellness

After 18 years in the restaurant industry, I started seeking the same thing, from yoga classes to the next greatest diet innovation to HIIT-style workout classes. I have been able to find balance in


Why Hot Lettuce Should Be in Your Weeknight Routine

As someone who isn’t particularly fond of salads, the first few pages of Google yielded very few recipes that sparked my interest. Sure, I could make a half dozen versions of salad dressing, but I

Chia pudding in Health-Supportive Culinary Arts class

Cooking for Health and Wellness Clients

Health-Supportive Culinary Arts students study how to prepare a beautiful, bountiful meal for health and wellness clients featuring a nourishing plant-forward menu. “Spa cuisine is exactly what our

Five kinds of flour

Four All-Purpose Flour Alternatives

We have a variety of options that will meet just about any need depending on personal preference, dietary restrictions and general demand for nutritious flours. I haven’t experimented with every

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