Sim Cass is the Dean of the Professional Bread Baking Program at the 51 in New York City.

Sim Cass

Dean, Techniques of Artisan Bread Baking

"With bread baking, you get a chance to rewrite history every day."


When UK-born chef Sim Cass began working for famed restaurateur Keith McNally, artisanal bread baking was a rare craft in New York City. Through his work at the world-renowned Balthazar Bakery, he quickly became one of the industry's most well-respected bread experts, sparking our nation's now widespread passion for hand-crafted, naturally fermented loaves.

Prior to Balthazar, Cass was the pastry chef and head baker at Lucky Strike in New York, and Maison Bouquillon and the Carlton Tower in London. Early in his career, Cass won a silver medal in the Hotel Olympia International Culinary Competition.

Today, Sim serves as a bread consultant for some of the world's most respected restaurants and bakeries. He has been featured on Martha Stewart, as well as in The New York Times and Food Arts. He developed and teaches ICE's exclusive Techniques and Art of Professional Bread Baking program, which launched in 2013.

When asked from where he derives his passion, Sim explains, "The Spanish bakers say once you've touched and worked with the dough, you have to go back and touch it again, the feel of it. You've got to do the practice - the repetition - and the real joy is in the end result that comes from that repetition."

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